About Us

In 2006 during his position as an assistant father at Our Lady of Lourdes cathedral, the diocese decided to launch its IT department. He was assigned as the director of the department and has been playing this role for almost 8 years. All the equipment including the MacBook Pro I’m using to make this website is supported by him. On the other hand, he is the one who lays the foundation of this website and IT department of the Diocese of Nakhon Ratchasima .

Around September 2016, there is position revolving in the priest council. Father Thomas Aquinas Somchai Mokkhonburi, due to his age and enthusiasm, is assigned to the position of IT department director causing an end to the first and long term of service of Rev. Father Joseph Kriengkrai Yingyong. The first short meeting was held between three men at the cottage in front of the Catholic Mission building. Father Thomas’ first decree was short in length but taking quite sometime to complete, ‘make out site bilingual!’

Michael Phichit Sukeewat was not the first who made this website but he was the one who seriously made it for a living. Resigned English teacher from St. Mary’s College initially applied for a job as CARITAS staff, Rev. Father Kriengkrai Yingyong offered him a job as an IT guy. He accepted the invitation and has been here since then. He was the first to use Macintosh products  in the diocese and  introduced it to the priests. Macintosh gained its popularity in the diocese till now.

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Email : phichitsukeewat@gmail.com

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